Homemade Alomnd Roca

Yes you read that correct.. HOMEMADE CANDY! It is probably one of my favorite things of Christmas time around our house. We ONLY make it around Christmas to keep it as something sweet & something to look forward too (Not to mention it can get a little expensive)

1 cup butter (salted)
1 cup brown sugar (we use golden brown sugar) 
2/3 cup almonds (cut those into thirds)
6 Hershey chocolate bars
a lot walnuts to cover both sides of the candy (we probably used close to 8 cups)
one glass cake dish 
wood spoon
sauce pan
wax paper
cutting board
candy thermometer

To begin:

1.cut each almond into thirds until you have 2/3 cups. (we have tried every other way to make it a faster process but this seems to be it) place those into a bowl

2. break apart 3 chocolate bars into a separate bowl (this is one side of the candy DO NOT eat any)

3. break apart the last 3 chocolate bars into a different bowl (this is for the other side - DO NOT EAT)

4. We use a Cuisinart food processor and throw in a bunch of walnuts. Use whatever you have to crush but do not make too fine walnuts or you will need a lot to cover both sides (see below picture to see what I am referring too). 

5.get a piece of wax paper that will cover the cutting board  (You want the cutting board bigger than the glass dish)

6. butter the bottom of the glass dish to make it easier for candy to fall out (otherwise it sticks)

7. once your preparations are done, place cup of butter and cup of brown sugar into a sauce pan. ALWAYS keep stirring until the candy thermometer says "Hard Crack" (ours is a bit off so we usually go until 325 F. (if you do not continually stir it will burn) Add almonds around 315F. and stir.
It should look like this

8. Once you have reached 325F. pour the brown sugar/butter/almonds mix into the glass pan (make it semi thin by spreading it throughout the bottom of glass dish with wood spoon). place one bowl of chocolate bars and use wooden spoon to spread around to make a coat. 

9. Use walnuts to cover entire chocolate to make it easier to put up and not get chocolate all over fingers 

10. (you need to kinda do #8 & #9 fast before it cools down too much) Now comes the tricky part: place the wax paper and cutting board over the glass dish and flip. allowing the candy to fall onto the cutting board (you might need to help it and use a knife or something to get under it to begin its fall - BE CAREFUL) 

11. Repeat #8 & #9. Place the last bowl of chocolate onto the candy and using a wooden spoon spread all over candy (it should be melting) to make a layer than use walnuts to cover 

12. Place in fridge for at least 5 hours to allow it to set and cool. (we usually do this at night and allow it to be in the fridge over night) Use a knife and cut into bit size pieces 


should look like this:

Let me first say - this is the first time I have wrote out THIS recipe EVER If you have ANY questions about it please ask. It really is yummy (just make sure not to burn the butter/brown sugar/almond mix) It makes for good presents for the people you have a tough time picking a present for.
for present: 
All you need to do is find a tin (we usually go to Big lots or 99 cent store) and fill the tin, tie a bow and your done.

Is there any holiday food traditions you keep just for the holidays?

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  1. Yummy! Thanks for sharing! I will have to try this recipe asap!