Some Quick Life Updates

    Picture overload.. Some of them are super random & really have no reason to be on here besides I do what I want..              

hey look Liberty photobomb me... silly kitty (It'll be 15 years since I've had her.. crazy)

Crazy to think we're already in May of 2016? Where did the first 4 months of the year go? I swear it was just New Years and I was talking about my word being fierce since I suck at making goals.

Here are some life updates:

++ Well, with that said, if you've been following me along on instagram, you know I've been on this fitness journey. I can proudly say I have lost 12 pounds and have kept it off. 

Thursday after upper day // if you are in San Diego & looking for an awesome gym and or want an online coach, let me know! My coach is amazing and he does both online and personal training plus we have an amazing gym. 

++Hubby has been gone now 2 months, well a little over, honestly I have no idea exactly how long. We still have some time too until he's back home but we're surviving one day at a time. 

++ Work is work. I am still wanting to quit the preschool but it's so hard when it's your aunt but I have some serious baby fever and I know when I get prego I will quit, so maybe Baby G will be joining us sooner than later. 


++Gym life is great! I am loving all my workouts and even thinking of doing some more at home. I mean I own everything but a squat rack currently so why not try it out at home too? 

I did participate in a virtual run & can't wait to do the run for the Heros 

++ I am totally team Waffle lately, just check the instagram. I am also learning snap chat (j3ss1ca13) add me there!
I went to Sushi with the girl I used to workout with. I sure miss her in the gym and our chatty times but I am so thankful we can still meet outside the gym and have grown such an amazing friendship. 

my dinner cheats

I hardly ever drink anymore, but I will say this stuff is pretty dang amazing! 

and every now and than I just crave a Dr. Pepper from the fountain and because macros are life, I get a Diet Dr. Pepper from McDonald's for 96 cents! 

Lastly, my new favorite energy drink. It's pretty amazing and it's champagne flavor. #winning 

Really, nothing much has been going on, just day to day stuff. Work, gym, sleep, repeat. Since it's May, I am going to try to get back into blogging. Also, add me on instagram & snap! 

Make sure to come back Wednesday, I am planning on sharing my amazing #teamwaffle recipe and I promise ANYONE can make them! 

Happy Monday Ya'll! 


  1. That sushi looks SO GOOD! Josh and I are in the middle of a budget boot camp, so there's no "fun" money for sushi right now, but as soon as there is!!!!

  2. Yay to snapchat (I just added you!) and all of your updates. I am super impressed for your weight loss journey and keeping it off, woo hoo!!!