Loss of Grandpa

picture from October 13,2012 

2016 really sent us for a loop . It was full of trials and heartache. The worst being we lost my Grandpa December 5,2016. 

I just realized that today marks one month exactly since he took his last breathe and we began to celebrate the man who kept us all together. My family is still trying to heal, I know it will take a long time. 

If I learned anything from traveling back to Minnesota for the funeral in the middle of winter, it's I honestly have the BEST family. We all laughed, cried and hugged our way though the celebrations and funeral services. We all leaned on each other and kept each other strong yet let each of us fall apart on our own time. We all made a vow to make him proud each and everyday. 

Grandpa truly lived his life simply. I am trying to live more like him each day. Less stress and lots of fun was the way he liked to live. If you find it today, or any day to say a little extra prayer for my family as we continue to remember this beautiful soul. Thank you in advance.

I am sure I'll be posting more about him. 

Cheers to 2017 & May Grandpa be parting hard in Heaven.  

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. Although the missing doesn't go away, the open ache does close with time. Praying for you all.