Currently [March Edition]

It's Friday Eve

It's starting to look like the weekend around these parts but it definitely doesn't really feel like the weekend just yet. I am swimming in paperwork that must get done before tomorrow morning. Instead of doing said paperwork, I thought I would write a post since it's been awhile. I was going to do my March goals but to be honest, the only true March goal(s) I have is to soak up every minute when the hubby gets home, enjoy our mini vacation, and finish up the last minute things on the next big adventure so I can share it with ya'll. 

Instead I thought it would be awesome to do a currently post to catch you up on my life recently. 

Currently in March, I'm:  

Watching || Hart of Dixie 

I started watching this one day while at work during break and I became addicted. I get so emotionally invested into characters that it makes me want to binge watch everything to find out what happens.    

I am working on getting back about reading each day. I have so many books I want to finish but I want to finish this devotional. I need this time for myself while soaking in the morning light and it truly sets my day to be positive and productive.

Listening to || Country on Youtube 

It sounds weird, but I found a video reel that just plays videos through. It's nice to turn it on and get work done. I can not be in silence otherwise I find it super weird. If I come across a song I don't like I just skip the video. 

Loving || All my fur babies 

I could spend all day just loving on all my fur babies. Each one has their own personality and their own way of loving back on me. I just can't get enough of any of them. 

Working on || Cleaning up the blog

I am working on cleaning up the blog. I want a new layout and updated pictures. I also want to delete some stuff and move things around and so much more. I just have to remind myself though one thing at a time otherwise I will burn myself out and just quit it all. 

Planning || Spending the weekend to clean up the house 

With all these adventures coming up so fast. I am going to spend this weekend cleaning up the house, doing all my laundry, organizing everything and hopefully feeling human again. Anyone else use cleaning as therapy? 

What are you currently doing this month


Meal Plan [#2]

Ya'll, I will be honest for a hot minute. Last week was a hot mess. All week I thought it was a different day, time was flying by, and it felt like the to do list was just growing rapidly all while crossing things off. Anyone else ever feel like that?

 If you didn't know, I am a substitute preschool teacher and I randomly had to work Friday which I totally forgot about. Thankfully they text me to remind me that I was working. We had to rearrange some schedules but we made it work. That is super rare of me to forget something like that. oops.  

I did spent the weekend recovering from whatever sickness I caught though. Friday night I was miserable, I couldn't get warm for anything. Saturday we had a birthday party. Sunday I spent the day cleaning out my closet, going through old shoes, and trying to get ready for the week. YAY for productive Sundays. 

Though, I give myself a pass on last week. It was a bad diet weekend too. Insert the emoji of the monkey covering his eyes.  It's okay to have those bad/off week/weekends, just do not make it a habit to have them. Recognize that you them and move forward. Here is to a new week though. Feeling like I sorta have it together. It's going to be another busy week but I did get a new planner that I am loving 1000% more than any other planner so hopefully it will workout because I am tired of changing planners. If it works out, I will definitely post about it. What planner are you using? Month 3 of 2018 and 3rd planner. 

I am loving the weekly meal plan though as I do not have to guess what's for dinner anymore. I can just pick something off my list. Just because I assign it a day doesn't mean we eat it THAT day. I did change up taco Tuesday this week because Tuesday night we are super busy so we will be eating leftovers. The less stress I can avoid the better.  

Here is the weekly Meal plan for this week. 

March 5 - 9

Monday: Tacos 
Tuesday: Leftovers 
Wednesday: Orange Chicken  
Friday: Hot Dogs/ Turkey Burger 

What are you eating this week?