It's the Weekend

Luke Bryan...he drives me crazy just by looking at him.
Dear Luke Bryan,
You are finally here. The weekend we've been waiting for & I will be there, watching you shake it for me! I can't wait for this concert! 

Dear Alex,
I love you. Thank you for all you do. 

Dear weightloss,
You are always a love/hate relationship. I currently hate you due to not being able to break my current weight for the last week. Let's go back to our loving relationship. 

Dear Work,
I have so much of you. I suppose I should do that instead of blogging huh?

Dear Last Class Ever,
Well until I decide to get my masters. You are already stressing me out and you don't even start until the 19th WTF 

Dear Readers,
Thank you for coming by this week. Did you see my BFF is giving away $40 to Ulta? Super easy to enter & its a chance to win. You never know unless you try right? 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. oh i'm jealous that you're going to see him.

  2. Have fun!! He is so much fun in concert!!

  3. LUKE! LUKE! LUKE! We're getting there at 12 :]

  4. God.

    Luck is so hot.

    Lots of pix at concert? K thanks.

  5. well hellooooooo Luke Bryan get in my pants, rawr!

  6. Ugh I am so Jealous that you're going to see him...We kept forgetting to buy our tickets and we are literally 10min away from the concert. suckfest! haha Have fun :)