Weekend Crazy

Wow, What a Weekend!! 

The first thing first... BIG NEWS

Alex & I are official home owners.. we FINALLY closed on my childhood house. 

Back to my weekend fun

I spent the day working my behind off because I know this week is going to be crazy & it will be tough to close the month out with everything else happening. 

I walked the E man to school both days! 

Day 2 of Kindergarten

Around 2 o'clock Alex asked me to go to the mall. I was so excited but than I realized I really dont enjoy going to the mall with people because it stresses me out and I cant shop. Example: I wanted to go to Victoria secret ( I am in need of some new bras) & he was making comments like I dont wanna go in there & blah blah blah, he was on a mission to find a hat/shoes.. moral of story - he didnt find what he wanted & i walked out just wanting to shop more..Does anyone else experience this

I made inside out chicken pot pies in the crockpot. (best thing ever invented) 

After Dinner I went on my nightly walk with melissa

After we watched Olympus has Fallen - AMAZING MOVIE!!! 

We cleaned up the house a bit and I worked some more. than off to our first soccer game of the season 

He got my favorite #

After soccer we came home & hung out. 
I made crock pot buffalo stuffed peppers.. don't worry I will have recipes for both crock pot meals

Than i had a sudden urge to make brownies 
We watched some tv & off to bed we went. 


Just a sunday funday 

Old fashion Rootbeer 

 My baby girl.. The ONLY female animal I have... She's 12 years old 

Just wouldn't be a Sunday Costco run without having lunch there! 

My weekend was great!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too.

Now come on week, FLY by so we can have another awesome Labor day weekend!! 


  1. I get really frustrated when I go to the mall with my husband too! We also watched Olympus Has Fallen this weekend and I LOVED it!

    Congratulations on your new-again house!

  2. Omg he's so cute!!! I can't wait to enroll the boys into sports. But my oldest has to wait until he's 5. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend.

  3. awe yeah!!! that's awesome, congrats dear

  4. Congrats you little homeowner, you :))

  5. love my lil E man <3 and you of course!

  6. Congratulations on the house! :-)

  7. YAY for a house! glad you had a good weekend!