Boo Ya'll

Hello Monday, 
Hold the coffee, I have showed up again on this blog. Woah, I am even impressed. 

The weekend went too fast as always but it was good to spend a weekend back at home even though I do miss Cancun. I am loving San Diego finally cooled down to a brisk 75 which is amazing. I could finally wear boots, pants and even a sweater, but instead I broke out my plaid shirts. 

Friday: We didn't do anything actually. I met up with a friend to walk our trail by my house than we were in bed and asleep before 9pm. I know we party hard, but it's what happens when you're up at 5am and go non stop until you hit the bed. 

Saturday: I had to buy new tires for my ride. I went to go get a tire fixed and sure enough my tread was so low & one of my biggest fears is a blow out on my tires so new tires it was. It was cheaper to buy 4 new tires than 3 of the ones I had before. Not to mention, last time I bought tires was January 2013 he said so I would say it was pretty good. Than it was back home and was super lazy. Than my step sister had her baby shower. It was Halloween themed. Super cute idea if I am ever prego during October and having a baby shower. 

Shirt (Sold out) but she has tons of other cute Halloween shirts & leggings from Ollie Marie 

Ollie Marie is going to make me broke, I love ALL her stuff. Everything is great quality and at a great price. And since I went through my clothes while packing for Cancun and got rid LOTS of stuff since I no longer fit into it and if I do lose the weight I probably will want new clothes anyways.  

Sunday: It was back to meal prep, grocery shopping and cleaning. I scored at Costco with 4.5 lbs of Kodiak Cakes for only $11.99 

and I even manged to change the menu board since June 

Overall, the weekend was great. I was tired by the time I got into bed last night and this morning came too fast. Here we go Monday, Let's do this! I got some big dreams to keep chasing and things to do. 

How was your weekend? ;


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Those pancakes look delicious.

  2. it sounds like a great weekend! and buffalo chicken tacos and one pan pizza pasta = yum!

  3. It got cool here over the weekend, too. I woke up this morning to a brisk 43 degrees! I haven't been to the OMB website because I'm too scared I'll spend money! My co-worker has been selling SO much stuff on her FB page, a lot of stuff with tags on it still, and I'm going broke buying it all! But when she's selling $30 shirts for $4-5 with the tags still on them, it's hard to say no!

  4. I love your shirt!!!! I definitely have to try those pancakes. I've been looking for a healthy pancake option and those look amazing.

    Best Wishes,
    Allison Jones | www.LiveLifeWellBlog.com

  5. Glad you had a good weekend. I loved your family photos.

  6. Weekends always go to fast! I'm glad you had a great vacation!

  7. Hi Jessica!,

    We loooove Kodiak Cakes at our house. We also love Costco, haha! Love the menu board, too. If and when I get a bigger kitchen, I'd love to have one!


  8. You look so cute, thank you for sharing and linking my shop!!