Friday Letters {V. 28}

Put me in the dryer. Lmao!!
We shall meet again Monday and be in full force. I am going into a hermit and I won't stop until I reach my goals. LET IT BEGIN!!! 

Dear Weekend,
Please go by slowly. I want to enjoy beach camping with my favorite people. 

Dear Cynthia,
I can't believe your 6 week vacation with me is coming to an end rapidly! Please come visit me again for Christmas. What do I have to do to convince you??

Dear Alex,
Thanks for the help packing up the trailer. I love you

Dear Summer School,
You can't end fast enough because I hate you with a passion. This paper is the death of me. 

Dear Fall Semester,
Please don't be so mean to me like summer school is. 

Dear Lover,
I miss you. I haven't seen you in what feels like forever. Can we please change this? 

Dear July,
SLOW DOWN!!! You are almost already half way over and I feel like you just started. Either I am getting old or time is really moving that fast! 

Dear Readers,
Enjoy your weekend. Do something fun. Be safe and adventurous! Thank you for all the love lately. I promise to return back to regular blogging and fun post next week! 

Have a great weekend


  1. Yes, July needs to slowwww down! Good luck with losing weight! It's not easy but SO dang worth it!! I've lost 20 pounds & would like to lose a few more & tone up!

  2. July is going by pretty dang quick....i dont want the semester to start so pleasssse slow down lol

    have a good weekend :)

  3. lol only if we could put ourselves in a dryer and loose weight.

    have a good weekend.