Weekend Recap [V.26]

It is July 1st..
Where has 2013 gone?

My weekend once again was jam packed & once again it went by way too fast!
I am so looking forward to this 3 day week when really I only have to work two days (Monday & Wednesday) that means Beach Day Tuesday FINALLY!! 

We spent the day at home relaxing. 
Sleeping in until 10am 
Just isn't a weekend unless the workout is done!
We headed to my aunts to drop off fair tickets yet ended up staying drinking 3 pitchers of sangeria.
Alex had to come pick us up! Oops! 

It is beyond hot here in San Diego this weekend.
My house hit 104 during Saturday + No AC = NO FUN! 
We did NOT want to cook because we don't want to heat the house up so the boys decided to try some "junk" food out to get rid of it! 

In the middle of the afternoon, I couldn't take it anymore. I decided the spa was alot cooler than the weather so we decided to jump on in!! 

Can't wait to lose my weight to better fit my swimsuits! 

Even the poor dogs were dying of heat stroke.. I felt so bad for them! 

We didn't get out of the spa until like 10:30 than it was shower & bed time

Another HOT day.
We cleaned up the house, did some laundry and had a fatty day! 

How was your weekend?
Was it too hot for you too?

Have a great short week


  1. 3 pitchers of sangria!? Sounds like a perfect Summer day to me! :)

  2. blah. it was horrible. i feel ya on the no AC! and stupid me decided saturday was a great day to clean and paint the bathroom of the crack house. whyyyyy?!!

  3. Oooo, that's REALLY hot! You look fantastic in your suit, btw. That all sounds like a wonderful weekend!