Guess Whose Back

It's Monday & weird to think we only have ONE more Monday left of July.. 
Where is 2013 going? 
I know it's been awhile since I've been here but I am back hopefully in full force. 

My weekend was wonderful and exactly what I needed.
A weekend at home catching up on things around the house and finishing my online class strong. 
Next Monday is my binder check & I am done until middle of August 

Disclaimer: Sorry if you saw these on instagram already 

I got to see one of my long lost best friends. She has been very busy with her new job. It was good to catch up & have lunch together. 
I got my workout in. 
As you might know I am on a mission to lose 10 lbs (or more - true goal is 20 lbs before October 4) before August 15 
Thoughts on this? I have already lost 4 lbs & loving it!

  Friday night was spent hanging around the house with the hubby. 

I walked 5 miles with a friend who is also trying to lose weight. Than came home and was unmotivated to do my Saturday workout of Chalean Extreme so the hubby joined in to make it fun! 

After workout it was time to run some errands to Best Buy to replace hubby's broken screen and Bed Bath & Beyond. 
We got a George Foreman grill and these adorable mini loaf pans for mini banana bread & meatloaf 

Also I found my newest addiction to Starbucks - The berry refresher mixed with the Valencia refresher 

After we got home. It was time to make dinner
Skinny Enchiladas, brown rice, broccoli & cheese & an ice cold beer. 

We all deserve some indulges sometimes when trying to lose weight right? 

I finally slept in until 830. 
Finally did laundry 
& got my workout in because NO ONE has time for REST days. 

After workout it was time to head to costco & home to play catch up for my week. 
I have another busy week ahead of me

Failure to plan is planning to fail
I start my 30 day challenge tomorrow 
Want to join the next one.. let me know! We can chitchat to get you started on your journey 

How was your weekend

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