Friday Letters Yet Again

DREAM...oh wait this is true for Me! :)

Dear Work,
You suck & I have so much of you to accomplish today

Dear Summer School,
If only I had motivation to finish you strong. 1 paper and a organizing binder away from completing you 

Dear Virgin Island Cruise,
You are 70 days away. I am so ready for you. 

Dear Weight Loss,
Thank you for being friends with me. We have officially lost 6 lbs but 17 to go until I can learn to maintain. I am loving this new life style and loving the fact I found something that works 

Dear Weird Weather,
I love you. I loved waking up to thunder and than it randomly started raining 

Dear Alex,
I love you 

Dear Savings Account,
I promise to rebuild you soon. Sometimes life gets crazy and we need it but the good news is we are almost debt free. Not sure what is better, being able to say I am debt free or I have so much in savings #brokegirlproblems 

Dear Weekend,
I am ready for you. Ready to be home and clean and relax - not to mention I WILL be making Banana Peanut Butter bread (recipe to come) 

Dear July,
You have flown by. Thank you for being a fun month 

Dear Readers,
Thank you sticking by me even when I decide to take some time off to focus on life. 

Hope you have a wonderful Weekend