Weekend Recap [V. 27]

I feel like I haven't posted in forever.. 
Oh wait it has been awhile & I am sorry about that! 
Life just is NOT slowing down for me and it won't probably until Month when summer school is out, sister is back in Minnesota and I will be back to working like I used too. 

How was your LONG weekend

My weekend was GREAT

Wednesday night
We had a midnight trip the the ER for the doggy! :( I got home to a mess of blood all over the yard and after 5 hours of not being able to get his ear to stop bleeding we took him in. 


At about 2 am after we got home

4th Of July

We went to my aunts for a little party and a good times with friends. 
The pictures are priceless. 

Thant he drunkenness happened & we had a bright idea to make a beer bong..
yet we had NOTHING to make it out of put a pool noodle & water bottle for a filter 

We were home relaxing and trip #2 to the ER vet for the puppy. He managed to get his bandaid off and his ear was bleeding AGAIN

Than we went out to our local country bar with my little sister and TOTALLY forgot to take pictures. 
It was fun. 

we stayed home all day. I did my summer school homework.
It should be illegal to make a 16 week class crammed into 6 weeks. I am in over my head with homework. 
Than we decided to take E-Man to see Monsters University while Alex went to see the Kevin Hart thing. 

Really cute movie & E man LOVED it. He even threw his hands up in the air! 

Got my nails done. Did some costco shopping & hung out relaxing.. 

This week is another short one for me as we are beach camping Thursday - Sunday!
I am so excited to lay out on the beach for 4 days in a row!!

Overall my weekend was very very eventful and this week is jammed pack too!  
Did you have a great 4th??? 


  1. Poop pup!!! :( Hope he gets to feeling better ASAP!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!
    Ours was good - pretty relaxing. I had more than my share of s'mores...

  3. whomp. poor pup! love BOTH yours and jules' suits. good thinking about the beer bongs :] hahaha. sad face sister is already gone. that came and went asap!