It's Finally Thursday

^^^^This is me every day after I complete my 5 mile walk/run one day I will be able to do it all & not feel like dying

It's been awhile since I have done an It's okay Thursday post and because I am just slammed & I know you all throughly enjoy my post.. 

Here you go.. 

It's Ok 

...I agreed to work at the preschool tuesdays & thursdays until E man starts kindergarten 

...that I am slowly losing the weight I have been talking about for months

...that I am exploring healthier eating options 

...that for once it is NOT Africa hot in San Diego 

...that we leave for the birthday/anniversary cruise in 71 days 

...that I have quit shopping 

...FINALLY today is Thursday

...that I haven't been getting my usual comments anymore on the blog (maybe need some more material to write about)

...I am thinking of a new recipe for next week to post 

...that I want to continue to blog but just not sure about what 

...that I miss my sister 

...that I am officially done with summer school come Monday 6pm 

... that I am ready for the weekend
Whose with me on this one?

Have a Great Thursday


  1. Yay for being done with Summer school on Monday!! Oh man, yall will have a blast on the cruise!

  2. thats awesome about your cruise!! where are you going?