Friday Letters

Dear Bloggers,
I need your help!! I reached my 1 GB for pictures on this here blog, anyone wanna help me with what I can do now? I don't want to NOT show you awesome pictures especially because I still have wedding pictures to put up!! 

Dear Thanksgiving,
Thank you for being so yummy in the tummy!! Now back to the grind I go. 
Life changing moment is coming to a post on Tuesday. :) 

Dear Alex,
I love you. 

Dear November,
I can't believe we have ONE WEEK left of you. 

Dear Black Friday Shopping,
I will not be taking part in you this year but PLEASE have awesome sales when I do go shopping!!! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!! 
Can't wait to read your post about your holiday next week. 


  1. You can either delete some of the pictures you no longer need or that you uploaded and never used or get a photobucket.

  2. Get photobucket! I'm sorry, that is frustrating!

  3. This photo max seems to be going around a lot. I've seen a bunch of bloggers with the same problem. I didn't even know that could happen. How annoying!

  4. I say the same thing... as above! ^

    But very frustrating!


  5. I pay to have more storage. That way I can still upload pictures the way I always have and not have to worry about the code becoming broken (like you would with Photobucket)