Friday Lovin'

anyone else feel like this?

Dear Friday,
Thank you for ALWAYS showing up just in time when I think I am going to lose my mind. I can't wait to get some Starbucks in my cup! 

Dear Losing my mind,
Please COME BACK ASAP!!! I officially have misplaced my secret Santa swap that needs to be mailed next week for sure! Hope I can find all the goodies by than. It must be in my house somewhere. 

Dear Wedding,
I officially have finished everything to do with you besides the fun things such as print pictures & hang them around the hosue. I spoke to the wedding photographer about our books, our canvases, payed things off, and even mailed Thank you cards yesterday. I bet some people were starting to wonder if I remembered to write them. 

Dear Guest of the wedding,
I sure hope I wrote you a Thank you letter if you got us a gift/card. I know there were a few people who just showed up and left no gift or card so I didn't write you a thank you note, but thank you for coming.

Dear Trigger
I love you way too much. I wonder if its unhealthy. You are the most loveable cuddling dog in the world. 

Dear Christmas,
You are in FULL force in our house. I need to finish up some decorations and wrap wrap wrap esp before the little sister shows up & sees her present on the table. 
we are 25 days & a wake up away!!! 

Dear Alex,
I am excited we are FINALLY going to a military function that I can dress up for. Christmas party here we come!!! Pictures to come too, no worries. I love you even though you've been moody lately.

Dear Clothes & Shoes I need to sell,
I have clothes with tags still on and shoes that I have only wore once. Please let me make some money on them otherwise I will be extremely sad. Most of it is Bebe too!! If you are interested please let me know. Should I do a post of things?

Dear House,
Please clean yourself. 

Dear December,
Please go by slowly. I feel like this year has just flown by. It is so crazy to think that it's almost been a year since we've had Eli move in with us. 

Dear Bloggy Friends,
I love you. I am so excited to have a few new ladies on the side bar this coming month and I want to say thank you to all my past beautiful ladies. Remember to enter Kay's Birthday Giveaway for a chance to win a nook. Also, if you want to be on the side bar please let me know. Thank you for all the comments on this post. You all are so motivating. Have a fabulous weekend! 

Dear Iphone 5,
I can't believe I finally joined the dark side. So far I am loving it but I have already had one problem with you freezing & not doing what I ask. We will make it through though. I have faith. 


  1. yay for my button being on the side bar!! happy friday!! i think that you should post some of those clothes that you need to sell. what size are you in clothes and shoes?

  2. congrats on being done with all wedding stuff!!! thats' amazing!

  3. Isn't it nice to be done with all those wedding decisions?!! :)

    I also think I love my dog a bit too much. I kiss her face ALL the time! Love love love her!

    I'm hoping I can get in the Christmas spirit soon. Maybe some new decorations will help.

  4. Ah that's the best feeling ever to be DONE with wedding stuff! :) Can't wait to see more of your beautiful pictures!!


  5. Welcome to team iPhone :) happy weekend!

  6. I wish December would go by slower too it's my most favorite time of the whole year. And as soon as NYE is over I'm ready to speed up the process.

  7. I joined the dark side after being Team Blackberry for so long and I have to admit that I LOVE THIS TEAM!


  8. Welcome to the dark side! =)
    Happy Friday!
    Love reading your letters!

  9. Christmas is in full affect here too - So Happy! We have a few things left to decorate but the major stuff (outside lights, tree, window seal village) are already up! Gotta Love Christmas! but I totally agree - I truly hope this month goes by slowly...I feel like I haven't really be able to enjoy Christmas the last 2 years - AND this will be the 3rd Christmas Dev and I have had together but the
    1st actually spent together! So of course I want to enjoy it! :)

  10. haha oh man... i never mailed out our thank yous. we got so busy and so poor! i plan on mentioning a little thank you in our christmas cards to acknowledge that i'm a horrible person and forgot to send them out... way to be on top of things!

  11. hearing other people's wedding planning makes me have panic attacks. i've been successful in procrastinating on planning my own so far.

  12. I need new clothes lol.. Okay you know I don't not yet at least hahaha. But I sure will need a button once you sassy up your new style come next month :)