Friday Lovin'

Dear Friday,
Thank you for showing up. I am so excited for yet another fun weekend!!! & Most importantly I am excited for craft day today & baking & cleaning. Wow I am starting to sound like a wifey? 

Dear Alex,
Last nights date was fun!! We should do it more often. Ps. I found movie tickets we need to use before the end of year..so how about we see a movie? your favorite thing!!!!! I love you. 

Dear Bank Account,
Please grow. All I ever see you do is get smaller, I am NOT a fan of that. But I must admit now I have some pretty awesome crafts to do & some awesome things.

Dear Victoria Secret,
Why must it be so hard to choose things I want? I want it ALL but I know I cant afford it all. 

Dear Eli,
Please behave more often. Since your meltdown Monday & returning to school Wednesday you have been awesome please keep it that way.. I am glad you understand why you got in trouble. 

Dear Trigger,
Why must you ALWAYS want to sit in the chair I am sitting in? How many dogs like to sit in a chair. If you haven't seen this picture of him yet, follow me on instagram 

Dear the big man upstairs,
Thank you for blessing me each & every day. We never say thank you enough and always ask for more. so for once, I am going to not ask for anything but just a huge thank you for allowing me to do what I do each & everyday. 

Last one,

Dear Fall,
Thank you for finally showing up in San Diego. How I have missed you ever so much. I can burn candles, bake, cook & so much much more. Please hang out for a bit. I love it!!! 

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!!! 


  1. Haha your letter to Victorias Secret can be from me as well!! Happy friday!


  2. LMFAO at Clayton's face!!!!

    GOOD FOR ELI! He better be doing better in school :)

  3. I love everything from Victoria's Secret too!