So What!

Happy Hump Day
anyone else as mature as me & think this is funny...??

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So What...

- Christmas shopping is almost done for me! I just have a few more things to get than BAM!! I guess I gotta wrap it all. 

-This means, More shopping for me!!! But I do think, if I bring home ANOTHER piece of clothing Alex just might flip out on me. opps 

- 3 weeks from today, my baby sister will be here for 8 days!! I can't wait 

-that I have found this sweet bracelet that I really want - so I emailed it to Alex 

-That I still haven't sent out the Thank you cards from the wedding!! FML - I have them written just haven't mailed them. 

-That I am ready for the weekend to sleep some. 

-that I started this diet yet again, when I first did it I lost 6lbs. BACK TO THE GRIND!!! 

-Tomorrow I will be posting about inviting all you ladies to come sponsor Living My Fairytale!! or check out my sponsor page NOW!! 

-That I really want more christmas decorations. 

-I have yet to finish this wreath

-I have all these post planned in my head, yet google was a jerk & won't let me upload more images so I have to know think of a way around it and write the post. Recipes & more to come!!! 

-That I am blogging instead of working!!! 

Happy Wednesday!! 
So What Wednesday


  1. i blogged about sponsorships today :)

  2. Yay for almost being done Christmas shopping! I hope you enjoy the time with your sister!

    New follower from SWW!