Pinning Pinning Pinning...

I first want to say WELCOME to all my new & old followers,
Please say hi so I can get to meet you all!! 

Today I am linking up with Kay over at Wandering Free for pinterest lovin' 
I LOVE this link up because there are just so many great things on pinterest!!! 
Pin, share, link up!!!! 

Before I start pinning, I just want to say, How about P!nk performance at the AMA's
Anyone else see that? 

She is simply beautiful & amazing. 

Now to pinning for the win!! 

Today is all about workin' it ladies!!
I am in the process of making a BIG life change
(read about more on Tuesday) 


Work Hard - Eat Clean - Talk Dirty 

& the last thing I want to say -

With that ladies,
Happy Thanksgiving!! 
Eat lots & Love on family. 

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  1. oh I will be eating lots, this is good motivation to snap back to it after thanksgiving. Have a happy one!!

  2. I Love This!! Made me oh so happy!

    I am pretty excited because this time tomorrow it will start to smell like Thanksgiving Dinner around here! We are going to be baking and cooking ALL DAY!! :) Ohh Thanksgiving! :)

    Now that my inner fat kid got excited - I am totally hoping for motivation after this weekend. D and I said we wanted to begin working our butts off again after Thanksgiving - so having a workout/clean eating partner will be easier I hope! :)

    Happy Wednesday!!


  3. OMG! Loved Pink's performance. It was awesome :]

  4. A lot of truths here!! Loved thia!