Nothing too blogworthy

It's Monday yet again....Weren't we just here not too long ago? 
Do you have the day off to celebrate all or Veteran's?
If you missed my Veteran's post from the awesome Courtney... 

Not only is it Monday.. 
But I had one of those weekends where nothing too exciting happened that is truly bloggyworthy. 

a quick recap... 
Craft day

*I am in the middle of making a wreath for our front door. 
*I took some glass beads from our wedding & glued them to a "G". Any ideas what other crafts we can do with glass beads? 
*I made...

*I glittered my Starbucks cup  
I promise to have some tutorials up soon (praying)


very relaxing. Went shopping for a bit. I swear EVERYONE was out shopping though. took a nap. Went over to my "favorite" aunt's house for dinner. 

*Made bake potato Broccoli soup, yummy pumpkin cream cheese muffins & skinny enchiladas 
I promise, I will put this up too. {praying sooner than later}
*Went shopping again with a friend. Alex got me a Christmas present 

Told you nothing too exciting happened this weekend!! I am so ready for another weekend of crafts though. I am LOVING it. I want to make more. Crafting & baking are such a stress relief. 

How was your weekend


  1. can't wait to see the glitter starbucks cup!! i can't believe people are already going crazy with shopping. ugh!

  2. I love craft weekends! And that soup sounds perfect to me right now :)

  3. crafting is SO my stress reliever! One thing you could do is make some fabric or felt flowers and using the beads as the center!

  4. Making a wreath is blog worthy!! :-)

  5. love craft weekends!! they are the best.

  6. I'm intriqued by this glittered Starbucks cup!!!