Who's pinning for winning?

What would we do without pinterest?

They're so many great ideas I want to do & try. 
yummy food. amazing crafts.& more.

To follow along in my pinning.. follow me here
& with turkey day just a week away..what better way to start celebrating than pin turkey day 

& my favorite!! 



Sarah Grace said...

happy thanksgiving!! :)

happy wednesday! xo, sarah grace

Ms. Morgan said...

Those candy/cookie turkeys are adorable!! I have the biggest urge to go pin Thanksgiving stuff now!!


Shari said...

I've seen those oreo turkeys on the food network and thought they were absolutely adorable! Great pins!

Helene said...

my fave is the candles with the popcorn kernals!

Jess said...

I love thanksgiving :) I made those little oreo turkeys with the kids I used to nanny for! It was so fun and they were so cute! :) Glad I found your blog!
Jess @jmnway