Happy Thanksgiving!

Gobble Gobble Gobble....

Hope everyone has a GREAT day & remember's today is all about being Thankful for what we are blessed with each day!! 

Everyone posted a thankful post everyday up to today, but I thought I would be different & do my thankful post all in one post!! 

I am thankful for... 

Day 1 - my life. I am extremely blessed beyond belief. 

  Day 2- my husband. He truly is a blessing and an amazing man. 

 Day 3 - Eli. As much as he can be a pain in my rear end. I couldn't imagine life without him. 

Day 4- my friends. They are simply the best friends in the world. Always there for me no matter what & can always make me smile. 

Day 5 - my little sister. I love her to death more than she will ever know. 

Day 6- my parents. They are the BEST parents in the world. They have truly givin me so much.

Day 7- my brother. I love him to death. We may fight but we are best friends. 

Day 8 - shopping. I love shopping probably a bit too much, but what girl doesn't love it?

Day 9- starbucks. Nothing beats a nice warm cup of coffee bright & early in the morning to start your day. 

Day 10 -  all my animals. I love ALL my fur babies to death. I promise one day I will introduce bloggy world to all of them. 

Day 11- airplanes. The ability to see my family in Minnesota & friends in NC. I am not sure what 
I would do if I wasn't able to do that.

Day 12 - cell phones. How awesome is it to be able to call anyone at almost anytime you want?

Day 13 - the most beautiful wedding any girl could want. It truly was a dream come true!!! 

Day 14 - my aunt & uncles - I would be truly lost without them!!!

Day 15 - the roof above my head each & every night!!! I love this house & wouldn't want it to be anything else. 

Day 16 - all my girls night outs. I seriously LOVE them. They are much needed and always a good time

Day 17 - the navy. As much as I hate it sometimes, I couldn't be more thankful that Alex has a job & hopefully he does what he loves. 

Day 18 - School - I hate it yes, but what student doesn't hate it than at the end is amazed they finished. 

Day 19 - God. He truly is amazing. He has his own plans for each of us and never fails us. 

Day 20 - a good drink in my hand!! I love a good drink (including beer) with my favorite people in the world.

Day 21 - Country music, it sure makes the world go around! It has always been there to left my spirits and make me feel better. 

Day 22 - days like today. Family days. Days to sit back & remember what we are thankful for. 
Day 22 (2) - all my bloggy friends!!! that I have a place I can just write about whatever I feel like & all the sweet encouraging comments. I couldn't be more thankful for that!! 

Hope you all have amazing food & amazing family time!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! 


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Jessica. I hope y'all have a wonderful day! :)


  2. What a Lovey Post!!

    Happy Thanksgiving Jessica!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  3. Love this post!

    Hope you had a wonderful day! =)

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Jess! very beautiful list of things that you are thankful for. Blessings. <3