Weekend Recap #1

Monday we meet yet again... 
Why do the weekends always go so FAST yet the weeks go by slowly

Before we get into the weekend fun, If you follow me on instagram, you would know that I put up some somethings for sale...

 We are starting at $50 for both or best offer, please let me know if you are interested in them. (purse retails for $150 & little clutch retails for about $45)

Over all I can't complain too much about my weekend!!! 

Friday - Spent the day down on base with the hubby just to find out he had to work extra late. :( So didn't do too much but stay home & read for the book club, if you want to join in on the fun please do so!! I am LOVING the book so far. 

Saturday - I had all these plans for around the house. I wanted to finish some decorations (the wreath I have been talking about for weeks & some other pinterest love) and clean up a bit but that was on put on hold to go get our Christmas Tree!! We spent the afternoon getting Alex's phone back & having a yummy dinner down at my aunt's house. 

(more pictures to come - it was from this morning when it was still dark outside)

Sunday - We watched some football, ate some breakfast!! The best way to start Sunday's!! Than Eli & I went on a mad hunt for the perfect Christmas skirt that he likes. We found one at Kohl's, meanwhile they had rockin' republics for $40 but of course at that price, my size was ALL gone in ALL the jeans. I was very bummed but than I realized I don't need another pair of jeans. We wrapped the lights on tree & I ordered my new EC planner for next year since I can't live without mine this year. 
I customized it with wedding photos on both front & back ( I promise to show pictures once I get it in the mail soon) 

Speaking of Sunday's does anyone else watch Dexter? We LOVE this show. I can't believe it will all be over in 2 episodes than I must wait another year for the new season!! 

21 days & a wake up until Christmas! 

Happy Monday! 


  1. Did you find any deals for the EC planner? I LOOOOVE mine from last year, but $50 seems like so much to spend (I found a combo of deals and got it for $12.50 last year). I've looked up similar planners, though, and they're $30 + $10 shipping (might as well spend $50 on the EC!).

  2. love your christmas tree! and Dexter, of course!

  3. I ordered an EC planner as well!!! Tree looks sooo nice! Love the colors!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! You're tree looks nice, I still have yet to take pics of ours yet. I watched the first few seasons of Dexter, but stopped for some reason. I started watching again this season and I'm hooked.

  5. Your Tree looks amazing! I just finished mine, FINALLY!