Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

I have been a really good girl this year.. Honestly, I have!!! Now comes that time of year that I sit down to write a few things that I want on my Christmas list and pray and hope that you wrap them up and shove them under our beautiful 7ft Christmas tree & eat all the cookies but leave the carrots!! I know you've been watching me all year but I have been good!! 

First thing I want is a new vacuum  Is this because now that I am a wifey I want to do all housely things such as clean and organize? Not just any old vacuum, I would LOVE the dyson Animal one since after all I have 5 dogs & 5 cats. 

Second - I want the new cannon T4I camera..I already have a rebel but hardly use it. I was thinking of selling it than putting that money towards a new camera but until I get my new camera I am going to hold on to the one I have. You just never know when you might need a good camera. & I want to start capturing moments of Eli & maybe some new babies in the next few years. 

Third - I saw these adorable UGG boots that just scream my name. I mean they have bows on them & all but I can't seem to find them anywhere besides the one with the two but I want three bows. 

so yes I would love all three and probably some other gifts, but here's my thing. I already went out and got myself the new iphone 5 (welcome team iphone) and I bought myself $600 worth of new clothes because the deals were just too good to pass up so I really just want Eli to have the BEST Christmas ever and my little sister who is coming out to stay for 8 days to enjoy her Christmas like she used too in Cali. I can't wait to watch them both open up presents, oh and the hubby got some cool things too I know he will just LOVE!! 

We are heading to Disneyland for Eli's 5th birthday {5 days before Christmas} and depending we might have another surprise for him and sister!! 

Happy Tuesday! 

Helene in Between


Hilary Lane said...

I want that vacuum too! Bed Bath & Beyond had it 25% off right after T-giving, but it was still like $400.

Surprise? What kinda of surprise??????

Leah said...

I haven't seen the ugg's with the three bows, omg I love the way they look too!

and yes! I think a vaccuum is an awesome gift. it'll make life so much easier :) and what you have 5 dogs and 5 cats? that's awesome!!!

super jealous you are going to disneyland before xmas. It will be sooo magical!

Helene said...

I desperately need a vaccum! ugh! have a wonderful time in disneyland!!!

Ashlee said...

I need to write my list too - When asked what I want I just keep saying "ohh I dont know..Gift Cards I guess" -because really - I haven't a clue what I want that is of affordable price - atleast for our budgets. We always seem the poorest around Christmas - Boo! ahaha.

Ugg Boots are on my list too - I haven't had a real pair EVER and I want them for sure! :) Those are super cute too!

Karla said...

Loooove the boots!! Disney sounds fun, i have never been!!

Erin said...

What surprise for Eli and sister?!!! You're talking about taking pictures of new babies and then you throw that little surprise in there. Hmmm

Allison said...

Disneyland at Christmas? I would LOVE that...how fun! And I love your list...hope you get all three!

jgoldsborough80 said...

I freaking love my Shark Vac, I want to upgrade it to the new one.. Those boots are cute and have a blast at Disney land :)

Carolyn said...

This is a GREAT list! :) Get out there and use your Rebel! That way, when you get the new one, you'll be "used" to using it all the time!