Saw it, Pinned it, Did it!

Thankfully today is Thursday
Which makes this, Happy Friday Eve!! 
Not to forget, because I will, Today marks TWO months since I have become a Mrs.
Happy Two Months Anniversary Babe - I love you.
{I know he secretly reads this} 
Time is sure going by fast!! 

If you follow me on the insta you will know that I made a wreath, my FIRST one. Today it is all about the saw it, pinned it, did it link-up with Steph over at Beautiful Mess & Katie at Keep Calm & Carry On..

My inner craftiness ... 
What I pinned
Pin here

What you will need
*wreath wire 
*ribbon of choice 
*one big bow
*lots of time 


Cut your ribbon into stripes. I did stripes in between lengths of 4 inches to 7 inches (I am totally guessing right now - I really did not measure) 

Once you get sick of cutting ribbon. 
Begin tying each strip individually onto the wreath like you would double knot your shoes. No bows
Watch your favorite shows.
Drink some wine. 
have some dinner.
Do everything else you would while tying knots.
I promise your hands will get sick of tying and you will want to take a break. 
I tied ribbon to the inner most circle and the 2nd from the outer most circle. Therefore, I went around twice to make the wreath look more full. 
Once I finished that (about 3 weeks - told you time consuming) I added the bow to the top so the strings will hang in the middle. Once all finished hang it on your front door! 


Enjoy for the Holidays. 
Have a Fabulous Thursday.


  1. You did a good job on the wreath!!! Jealous.

  2. OMG. i love this!! i saw one yesterday that was made out of burlap. these are just too much!

  3. wow that's a lot of knot tying!! hahaha but it looks really cute.

  4. So cute!! :) And happy 2 month anniversary!!

  5. I Love this! I would have totally butchered it hahaha. So Cute though! :)

  6. awe i just saw his commment. lol! and your wreath is awesome! well done!

  7. It looks great!!! I think I want to make one!