Pinterest Love Special Edition

Happy Hump Day!!
Today is a Special day. 
Not only are we SIX days away from Christmas but the little twin of mine is flying in for a fun filled two weeks. We finally are able to spend a Christmas & New Years together in years. I am super excited about this if you haven't noticed.

Also, tomorrow is Eli's 5th birthday.. 
What are we doing you ask to make this so special?

1. Cynthia is a surprise to him
2. We are spending the day at Disneyland 
3. He is getting spoiled with presents

This is special day because it is Eli's first time to Disneyland and he has worked so hard at school being good and staying out of trouble to be able to go. 

The inspiration for some pinterest love is coming from Disneyland.. 
Onto the good stuff

and my favorite picture of all..

I promise to take my own photos of us throughout the day. They won't be this good but it will be of Eli and his smiling face. 

Happy Pinning.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.
I am officially on Christmas Vacation! 


  1. Oh what a perfect age to take your little angel to Disneyland! I can't wait to see pics from your trip! Have a blast!

  2. yay! i'm going to disneyland too! maybe i'll run into you guys!

  3. YAYAYY! so exciting! Yes, please take a zillion pictures all day!

  4. Oh how fun!! I can't wait until my little one is old enough to enjoy Disneyland!