I love presents

Saturday was a day of cleaning and more cleaning
than it happened. I saw Eli standing in the window with a beautiful box with my name on it! 
He said a nice guy name Jason dropped off a present for you mommy!!
I couldn't wait to open it. 
I ripped it open and there it was beautiful as ever.
My new 2013 Erin Condren life planner

inside the box

& there she is. 
That beauty!! 

Front cover

& the back cover

This is my 2012 & 2013 EC planners! 
I am in love. I swear by these. 
It literally goes EVERY where with me & has my entire life in it! 

I LOVE the new planners. 
She made some awesome improvements & I am so excited for 2013 to be here now to use it! 

Have you ordered an EC planner
If not an EC planner, what kind of planner do you use?
If you have an EC planner, what is your favorite thing about it?

**I was not paid for this review - all these opinions are my own** 


  1. I am so intimidated by the EC planners. I don't know why, I guess I'm just scared that I would get one and not use it or that it would be too big.

    How big is it really, like does it fit in your bag, or do you have to carry it around in something special.

    What is your favorite thing about it? why do you go back to this one? (ok obviously it's gorgeous!) but other than that lol.

    - I got a May Books planner for 2013. total baby steps. not even sure where to start.

    What are your tips?

  2. I think I am going to go ahead and order one finally. I've always wanted one.
    Right now I am using a Plan-it planner...I got it during back to school time. It holds my life in it too but I'm always afraid that it'll get ruined being in and out of my bag.

  3. I ended up getting the Lily Pulitzer planner. It's similar to the EC planner. It doesn't have the plastic pouch or some of the extras (label stickers) that EC has, but it does have an elastic band to keep it closed and was only $26 as opposed to $50. I LOVED my EC, but couldn't make myself spend the $ on it. :-( I love your cover though!

  4. oh man that is really pretty!!

  5. i can't decide which one i want either! both look awesome!

  6. I've my huge lilly pulitzer planner I take everywhere!

  7. I got a planner from a home business. But now getting an EC planner sometime next year. I still have room in the planner I have it goes until July so I am waiting it out a bit. But not too much longer.