Friday Letters

Dear Friday,
Thank you for showing up. Beyond ready for this weekend, but first I must have some coffee to survive today. 

Dear Lover,
So excited I talked you out of shopping last night so I could buy it for you for Christmas. I promise you didn't need another one of those outfits UNTIL Christmas. 

Dear Friday Funday,
I can't wait to go shopping today. I am so beyond ready for you well sorta, I could use some more money. 

Dear Pearl Harbor,
You will never be forgotten! 

Dear Bloggy Friends,
I am keeping it short & sweet today. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


  1. same to you!
    cheers to the weekend!

  2. I did the same thing with my husband when he kept saying he was going to get a new electric razor. He would buy the first when he saw and hate it in a month anyway.

  3. I want to say TGIF just to fit in... but I work weekends and (usually) have Mondays & Tuesdays off. So lame, I know! Haha

  4. I always need coffee to survive the day, lol Adorable blog!

    New follower...

    Lot's of bloggy love from Ashton Belle over at: