25 Birthday Wishes

Now that I am 25, that feels so weird to say.  I thought it would be perfect to do a wish list for the next year. Some simple things I know I can accomplish. 

1. Get into shape (I am going to do everything I can to lose this weight once and for all) I really want to be in the best shape of my life before Hubby & I decide on babies.

2. Read more book (at least 4- this gives me some time to slack off) 

3. Spend a weekend away with just the Hubby. We have a tendency of vacationing with others but I think we need one of just us. 

4. Redo my bathroom, I have been wanting to change it forever. 

5. Pay off all credit cards (basically stop using them) 

6. Put a good chunk of change into savings 

7. Plan my little sister's 21st birthday party in Vegas

8. Start to plan said little sister Wedding 

9. Visit my brother in Sacramento 

10. Do something fun for the hubby's birthday 

11. Deep clean the room including going through all the crap in the closet 

12. Shop less 

13. Go at least 6 months with no soda (sorry Dr. pepper we must break up) 

14. Write more snail mail 

15. Stress less about work 

16. take more pictures 

17. Spend more me time 

18. Take a sister trip, just me and the little one

19. Donate my clothes that I will NEVER wear again even though I don't want to get rid of them 

20. Write more on here about my daily life

21. Learn something new

22. Learn how to use my good camera again 

23. Visit a friend 

24. Spend time with my mama 

25. Enjoy being 25! 

What are your wishes?


  1. Such a good idea for your birthday.. I am with you on a bunch of these, particularly, shop less and read more!