Caribbean Cruise Day 1 & 2

Now that my trip is over, can someone take me back like now?

I am ready to go back to sun in my face, drink in my hand and my hubby. You can't blame me right?

First drink of the trip always deserves it's own picture... 


Well we landed in Miami on Friday at about 11pm and let me tell you what a let down this town was for me. We stayed in downtown at the Marriott. The room was okay but not for the price we paid. They had no room service and there was NO WHERE to eat that was open. Not even a Mcdonalds or Burger King in sight. We ended up a CVS trying to kick us out because they were closing to get a bag of chips and peanuts. 

The next morning we went downstairs to get breakfast because they were having the breast cancer 5k walk/run and we didn't want to get mixed up in that. My sandwich was still frozen in the middle and the coffee was gross. Needless to say, I learned my lesson about Miami. 

After breakfast though, we took a little power nap and we headed off to the ship. 

We always get spoiled and get a balcony. Why not have the extra room and private place to hang out? Also, the first night I stubbed my big toe on a chair on my balcony and sliced my nail in half. I had blood everywhere and it hurt. Medical was closed on the ship and I ended up paying $1.50 for two bandaids. 

Leaving Miami

On the ship by the pool

Yes we did buy the Cheers! package and yes I did hit all 15 of my drinks 4 out of the 5 days we were on the boat. The best thing carnival ever did was introduce the Cheers! 

On our balcony ready to leave Miami

Day 2 was day at Sea

Day 3 Grand Turk... My favorite place


  1. I wish we had done the Cheers package - we ended up with $1100 in charges by the time we left!

  2. can't wait to see more!! Yall look so happy :)

  3. You guys are ridiculously cute!

    I now want to go there like, yesterday!!!!