Wednesday Problem

I am getting that itch again.
The one where I just want to chop my hair
Currently it's just about to my shoulder blades and my hair is bone straight. I suck at being a girl so I NEVER do my hair. 

In 2012, I grew my hair out for my wedding. In April 2013, I cut it. It went up to my shoulders and I got some side bangs. Since my hair grows so fast, it was back to my back by October cruise.   

This year so far I have yet to chop it, that is all about to change next week. I am ready to do it though. I still want it long enough to put up in a pony tail though. I hate my hair down when I am working out.

So I am thinking of this found on pinterest of course


Should I do it? Should I make it more choppy? Think I should try something else? I really like the front of this. I am also going back to black hair with the tints of blue and purple in it. I can't wait! 

My Wednesday problem... 


  1. I like that, too. Would you curl it at all? I just got mine chopped again last night - it's so much easier having extra time in the mornings when my hair doesn't take forever to do.