Weekend Blast To Catalina Island

Hey Monday... Glad to see we meet yet again! 

My weekend was wonderful. Friday was very uneventful. I stayed home and cleaned up the house and was in bed early.

Saturday we were up at 4am to head off to Catalina for the day. 

On the boat over to Catalina

First drink of the day... 

Sister and her Fiance 

Yes I wore a sash that said "Birthday Princess" and a crown that said "Happy Birthday"

It was the perfect weekend to head over there. They were having an air show

Every place you stop has a beautiful view

Sister and her boo thang again

After we shopped all day long.. We ended up in this bar where you buy a drink and get these hats! You bet we wore them on the boat ride back to our car. 

We had to do a Birthday Cake shot

 and there's my crown

Catalina is a must do if you ever have the chance. It was so much fun. I can't wait to go back again!! 

Sunday was my actual birthday, the big 25. We didn't do much. Sister and I went to run errands, went to lunch and than it was rest of the day spent at home. 

Here's to 25 being the best year yet.... 

How was your weekend?

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