Caribbean Cruise Day 4: Half Moon Cay

Welcome to Day 4 of the Caribbean Cruise, we landed upon Half Moon Cay. It is beautiful island, soft white sand, beautiful clear water and this awesome villa my uncle rented for the day. 

We had to tender into the island. I am not a fan of tendering but this time it wasn't too bad. It went pretty quickly. 

A bar on the island is called " I wish I could stay here forever", talk about the best photo opt .

Finally we arrived where we would be staying for the day. They had a tram but they only had one running that day so we decided to walk in the humidity to our little place.

Half Moon Cay is Carnival owned. Therefore everything on the island is used with your sign and sail card that is attached to the ship. Even the people who work on the boat are working the island. So as expected it was expensive but they did offer free lunch which was okay. We booked this villa online before we left for our cruise and once we boarded our ship in Miami we went to guest service to book which one we wanted, we picked C.

Thank goodness we got a villa because EVERYONE on the ship hangs out on the same beach. It looked like a city and chairs were everywhere and there is no shade. It was nice to leave all our stuff everywhere and not worry about it getting stolen or wet. Also, it was nice to get away from the people. 

The best decision I have made in awhile was buying this water proof camera. I didn't have to worry about it while on this trip. 

Scuba Hubby

After awhile of bobbing around in the water we decided to take some selfies.

Our ship

After a day of bobbing in the water and drinking in the sun it was time to catch the tender back to the boat.

It was shower time and get ready for dinner

Over all, Half Moon Cay isn't bad. I can say I have been there and explored it. If it ends up on my itinerary again I won't complain and we will be getting a villa. Have you ever been there?

Day 5: Nassau, Bahamas 


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