Friday Letters

Dear Trigger, Let's talk about last night. Going in and out 13 times is not okay. I do like to sleep and the barking is out of control. Can we please just have a night of no going in and out and barking all night? I love my sleep. Dear Anxiety, I hate you. I hate how you want to control me and kick in whenever you feel is necessary. One day I will kicked your ass and laugh. Dear food, I love you. I really do. Lately I am loving anything pumpkin but it's really hard to lose weight and stay motivated. Dear Self, take each day as it comes. Stop trying to figure out next week, two weeks, next month and even next year. Just focus on today and bettering yourself. You will get there. That scale will go down. You must trust the process and put the work in. It doesn't happen over night. Dear Vacation, We will next friday. Please be good to me so I don't feel like a beach whale and sent into depression when I come home. I am really struggling lately. Dear Work, We will meet sometime soon. I really need to spend some time with you before vacation starts. I know the week I get home will be a crazy one. Dear Alex, I really hope you consider the words I said to you. I love you to pieces but sometimes I just want to punch you right in the face. Dear Weekend, I hope you are a good one. I really want to sleep in past 5:30am. I need to clean and start packing. I might even attempt laundry again, who am I kidding? I won't do laundry. Dear Readers, Thank you for the love and support each day. I hope you all have a beautiful weekend! 

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