Hello October

Well hello there
I am still alive, barely, but alive none the less.
Lots have been going on. 

Today is the first day of my favorite month! 

October is my month to shine BIG
My birthday is Sunday.. The big 25, we have some fun adventures planned for this weekend. I am looking forward to a weekend of fun.
My anniversary is the 13th. I still need to get hubby his gift, 2nd year is Cotton so it should be pretty easy to find something for him.
I leave for my cruise on the 17th but I am no where ready to be in a swimsuit... but no need to fear because I am going to my favorite place on earth, Grand Turk 
Camping trip planned & lots more going on this month.
I have a feeling October is going to fly by but it will be worth it. 

What has been going on in my little life you ask... 

*We did some family photos with Hey Jessie Photography. Go book a session if you are in the San Diego area. She has some awesome deals happening for the holidays and more. 

*Hubby left at the beginning of last month for work. (We knew it was coming) 

*I am still working two different jobs.

*My baby sister said YES!!!  Isn't her ring beautiful?

Most important I think in my life currently is that I am canceling my gym membership, no worries though because I found a private trainer. He is super motivating and works me hard but I love every minute of it. I workout with him 2 times a week and I am working on my food. (another post of this coming soon)

In the end, nothing much but the same old has been going on. Lots of work, working out and trying to take it day by day. 

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Happy First day of October!
This girl will not be having any pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks, so please enjoy one for me!