10 Days Of No Sugar

Let me start this by saying I am not a nutritionist nor am I a professional in any matter of the health field (might in medical billing but that's it). Please consult a professional before doing any of these things I have/do mention. 

On to No Sugar Post... 

I am on this course of making a healthy lifestyle change. I am loving the ability to share my journey with all of you in hopes of inspiring someone even just one person. 

My sister and I met with our nutritionist back on her birthday and did she flip our world upside down for the better.

The next step in our program:
10 day detox of No Sugar 

I am the girl who loves Dr. Pepper, ice cream and cookies. This is very hard for me to give up but I know deep down it was time to break up. The good news is there is lots of support out there to survive the 10 days of sugar. 


The worst part is reading ingredients on something you want to eat and seeing sugar listed more than one time yet it claims to be 0 sugar. 

Here are some of the words to look for on the ingredient list that at the end of the day is just sugar. 

*sucrose    *cane sugar  *Corn Syrup

* agave nectar *maltodextrin  *xylose  *HFCS 

*maltose *Raw Sugar *Honey *Palm Sugar 

* turbinado sugar *brown Sugar ++ lots more sugar


I did give up my fruits and yogurt but you don't have 

too. Just try to limit your fruits in a day. Make them in 

the morning. Try to stick to green apples & 


So what have I been doing for these 10 days of no 


I am watching what I am eating. I am cooking at 

home a lot more. Cooking at home allows me to 

decide what ingredients I want in my food. Don't get 

me wrong, I haven't gone a full day without sugar. I 

am just limiting myself to about 5-10 grams a day in 

natural sugar.  

There you have it, my next step: No Sugar! 

Would you go 10 days without sugar?


  1. My mom paid me $100 to go a week without sugar. Girl, I almost died. Okay, so I didn't almost die, but by the end of the 3rd day, I had to go home and eat toast with honey on it because my blood sugar dropped and I thought I was going to pass out. I think he goal was to break my bad sugar habit. It didn't work!

  2. No sugar?!?! Gosh that is hard. So much stuff has sugar in it! I have a serious sweet tooth, I should try to challenge myself to this sometime! I am sure you will feel awesome after having it out of your body for 10 days!

  3. The hidden sugars would be the hardest to give up. I try to limit them but that would be really tough.

  4. the only sugar I have been trying to have is natural sugars in fruits. other then that I have been staying away from sugar! I think it's going pretty good! It's definitely difficult. I believe in you though!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  5. You're going to feel so great after this!!! Keep me posted on your progress! And I can't wait to hear how the other steps are going in your journey.