A Little Catch Up

Let me first just say that I am sorry for just disappearing.. I honestly had no plans of doing so but you know sometimes that's just how life works out right?

So since I have disappeared let's play a little of catching up taking you back to last week. 

Sometime last week....I ran my first mile in 8 years. I can't say it was fast - I can't say it was easy but I was extremely proud of myself for doing it. 

We are going to try out a Pure Barr class hopefully this week

Since Sister was trying to get another fish at Petco we decided to get another chew toy for Cali. Mr. Monkey lasted about 3 minutes 

If you've been reading for the last month or so you know we are seeing a nutritionist - so we went and got our blood drawn for our test to make sure everything is great. As usual, I am just low in vitamin D.

Thursday night I went out to say goodbye to a friend whose leaving for 6 months and let's just say I learned my lesson on drinking on Thursday. I spent the all day Friday in bed with this guy

Saturday my Kik La Rue  order came. I am bummed though because I didn't get a koozie and I even asked for one. I am excited though to wear my neon green maxi dress for a big event happening and great 4th of July tank. Now I just need to find a dress for my friend's wedding at the end of the month. 

Sunday Cali girl went to get a bath while I got my nails done

We spent the rest of the day in the pool drinking out of these. 

Over all the week and weekend were good. Now I am ready to get back into the gym and start running again since I have been off for about 5 days and ready to relax.

Happy Tuesday Ya'll  


  1. Lots going on with you girl! You are making great strides and even ran your mile with a total distance of 2.62! Jess that is amazing. I wish I could have been there Thursday night for that party, haha! If KKLR did not send a koozie as promised, you need to email them girl. LOVE YOU! Get your running in today!

  2. You go girl!! Sending you a virtual high-five your way for conquering that mile! :D You got this!

  3. Yeah for getting your mile in, keep it up. You can totally do it. I have that same mason jar mug but with a pink cap. Perfect for poolside sipping.