A Look Back

Is it me or does time just fly by? How is it that we are already in June?  

May was a good stepping stone for me. I am finally thinking I am figuring out what is working for me and what is not going to work for me.

May Goals

Food Plan: The food planning was a hit or miss. For a few days I did really well than I would fall off the wagon. I really failed at tracking my food and or writing it down which is my biggest struggle. 

Working out: I did amazing with this. I reached my 10 days going to the gym doing 30 minutes of cardio. I also PR'd a few times and even managed to run a mile for the first time in 8 years. You can follow along in the journey here and here

Work: This was okay. I wasn't nearly as stressed as I usual am during the end of the month so I must of done something right. Also, I think with working out is helping me with it. This is always a work in progress though. 

Water: I did amazing with this. Actually I was told I drink too much water so I am trying to cut back but it is extremely hard when I am thirsty all the time.

Date night with the hubby: Let's just say it really didn't happen but we did mange to run errands one day together. Just the two of us which I think is needed more often than not.

Now onto June Goals

Work out: I want to continue with my cardio and sister and I just fell in love with Pure Barr classes.

Food tracking: Since I got the planning part done okay, I want to track my food better so I can take it to my nutritionist and make sure it's what she's asking of us.  

Morning Pages:Make sure I do them every morning but I will have to explain at a later date.

Date night: Now that things are going to change rapidly I think this is much more needed. I am hoping maybe 2 or 3 date nights this month. 

Read: I have two books I want to read plus another one I need to get. I need to make reading more of a propriety 

What are your goals for June?

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