Weekend: Shopping || Birthday Party || Time out

What a weekend! I am actually ready for a new week and new beginnings. I got new homework from my nutritionist and I am changing up the food plan this week. 

My weekend looked a lot like this

Friday: My baby girl was super tired. Makes two of us. All I could think about Friday was sleeping.   

I had to buy this tank. I immediately thought of Liz & her new movement of #fearless 

I came home to this card from the hubby. I couldn't help but laugh.

Saturday: Sister & I got up early. Cleaned the house. Hit the gym. Meet the Nutritionist.

Also, it was her 20th Birthday & we were having a BBQ at the house 

You know the hubby likes to take selfies 

Happy Birthday Baby Sister! 

Sunday: Started off real rough. Cali attacked my bird (she got in BIG trouble) and all day she was just depressed. We went to Costco & got ready for the week. 

Happy Father's Day to all the Daddy's out there. 

How was your weekend?


Marty With The Party said...

yay for weekends. and that dress is superrrr cute! i love :] anddd happy birthday sister!

Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

OMG! The Fearless tank!!!! AH I LOVE IT!!!! I am actually in the works creating them as well, I love it Jess! Also, the BBQ looks so fun, how cute is that cake!