I Confess

I confess... Yesterday wasn't really a mental break as it was just blogging wasn't a priority for me. 

I confess... that blue dress up there was only $8 at Ross and Sis bought it for herself but didn't realize it was a junior size 

I confess... I've been trying to avoid the fair all season, but we might give in and go Friday night since I have a friend in town whose never been 

I confess... this whole no sugar thing is HARD. Frickin' hard. I just want to give up 

I confess... I've been on this workout kick for sometime now but haven't lost weight. I am hoping by Beginning of August though I will notice a difference 

I confess... I shop a little too much and need to save way more. 

I confess...sometimes I think about throwing in the towel some days and just sit on the couch. 

I confess... I stole this idea from another blogger. Sorry not sorry. 

I confess...I want to quit the preschool at least until next year. I am over working there. 

I confess...I rather stay home on the weekends now than go out and party! 

I Confess... running is turning into my therapy


  1. Love that dress, and for $8 how could anyone say no?!

  2. Such a cute dress! Most weekends I don't want to go out either. It's exhausting, besides my dog is cooler!

  3. Don't give up! My SIL cut her sugar out too! It's hard but if that's what you want to do, then you can do it!