A Week Worth Of Pictures: Run || Songs || Court

This week flew by. Anyone else with me on that?
I couldn't be more thankful as Saturday marks the end of my sister's teenage years and a lot of excitement happening around us.

First, if you saw my post about prayers being answered - thank you! A year and half ago while at a Jason Aldean concert, my life was changed forever. It was followed by many hours spent in a police station, looking at line ups, court dates, and talking to attorneys. Well, I am so excited to finally announce We finally got justice and my friend is doing amazing!  Here is the story if you want to read about it. This is also the reason I was in court last week. 

Monday: Same ol' same ol'! I did mange to wear my new tank though the hubby picked out for me a few weeks ago.  

I am loving barre class. I go twice a week. Other than that it's been focusing on my food and work. 

Tuesday: I did it! I bite the bullet and bought us Blake Shelton tickets. Can't wait to see him! That's my new motivation 

I shipped Dad's father's day gift to him. he is going to hate us for the paper shredding but hey it makes good packing material. 

and than this happened! 


Found an empty jar of Cookie Butter! That is just a sin among all sins if you know what Cookie Butter is! Only the best tasting stuff in all the land. The worst part, I never even ate it besides the finger test I did when I first bought it. 

Wednesday: Morning pages

I did it! I couldn't be more proud of myself. I hit my PR and my goal for October to run a mile under 10 minutes. Now I am going to try to focus on running it consistently at this rate or better.

Thursday: Work work work. All day long and of course some free therapy time. Nothing better than when your wedding song comes on during a run and reminds you exactly why you are doing exactly what you are doing. 

Than the song that perfectly describes every ounce of you is blasting in your ear.

Than, not to mention you are 20 minutes into your run and you just want to start singing at the top of your lungs.

Don't forget you finally tested out your pre-workout and it was crazy intense. The directions say take two a day. I am not sure how people do that! 

Right off the deadmill without even waiting to see how many calories. 

A night of barre to welcome the weekend! 

That is how my week rolled out. 

On a side note: Today marks One Year and Eight months since I have been married. Crazy how fast time goes when you are happy! 


  1. Woah I just read the concert story and I'm so glad your friend is ok, yikes....also cute tank! I spend way too much money on workout clothes so when I get ready for work I literally have nothing appropriate haha

  2. OK first of all - how the heck did I NOT know about this incident happening? Oh my goodness that is horrible. :(

    This week did go super fast, I agree. My birthday party is today and I swore I still had like 4 days. lol It's going to be SUCH a long day...I have a cranky toddler on my hands today and I didn't get a lot of sleep! Lord help me!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  3. Thank God, your friend has been given justice and this has all worked out. I checked out the story on the news article you have posted and I can't believe it. Especially at a country concert. You have stuck to your new training and eating regimen so well Jess. You have completely kicked ass and made this work for you. I'm so proud. I wish I were going with you guys to Blake Shelton :( man I love him. I also have not tried cookie butter yet because I am too scared I will become completely addicted, hahaha. Love you!

  4. How horrible, so glad justice was served!! You are working so hard towards your goals!! Keep pushing forward!