Sh!t I Tell Myself To Get Through A Workout

One day while I was in the shower (where most of my deep thinking takes place) I thought why don't I write a post about the sh!t I tell myself to get through the cardio I have been doing almost everyday for the last three weeks. 

Boom Boom. Just like that this post was born and the wheels were turning. 

I got myself into this. I can get myself out of this

I started at 8% I will finish at 8%

Keep going - maybe one day your thighs won't touch 

Remember those True Religion shorts you own, you can't fit into them yet. 

You promised your husband you would get to 2 miles, GET THERE! 

Just keep going... (dori voice) 

It's only 30 minutes - that is less time than you take to get ready. 

Just act like Alex is behind you chasing you 

Remember your goal of a 10 minute mile before October 

All those clothes in your closet with tags on them. You want to wear them right? 

Cardio is fun is what everyone told you...NOT 

Lose that weight you promised yourself  

Maybe I can go shopping after this?

You started. You finish. You are not a quitter.

Until the next time of Sh!t I tell myself while working out. Please tell me I am not the only one who has to pep talk to myself plus motivate myself to keep going while working out? 

What do you tell yourself to keep going?

please follow along in my journey of my weight loss here feel free to leave a comment to let me know you stopped by! 



    Whatever you need to tell yourself to keep moving.

    You will achieve that 10 minute mile and then some.... I know it.

    I have been there.. and I am still on my journey...

    The thing about it is.. You'll keep making new goals and pushing yourself forward.. AND THAT IS THE POINT!

    You also will have AWFUL weeks.. AND THAT IS OKAY TOO!


    From one to another. YOU CAN DO IT!

    Come check me out. I found you through the blog hop.

    I'm on a BAD week this week.. but, it happens.. right?

  2. Haha I've never really thought about the things I tell myself to keep going, but several sound similar to yours! "You will NOT regret this when you have to wear that bikini" is usually my go to!

  3. There is always a pep talk involved when cardio is goin on. Glad I'm not the only one who does it!

  4. Pretty sure every one of those thoughts have crossed my mind while working out as well haha. Hilarious thank you for this. My problem isn't cardio though it's strength training...ugh, me no likey the weights :(

  5. I totally pep talk myself and stare at a fleck on the wall. I feel if I don't look at the timer it moves faster! ;)

  6. HAHAHAHAHA I love you. We have the same brain. I swear!

    -Ashlee Michelle