What A Fun Week

I am starting to love the idea of a photo dump on Friday's to sum up my week. Thank goodness this week is over because I am ready to sleep in. Anyone else with me on this sleeping in idea?

Tuesday since I would say that is when my week started

She cracks me up that she shares a bed with the dog instead of sleeping on the queen size bed to herself.

This guy lives such a rough life right?

I made this for dinner one night and loved every minute of it. I call it Hot Quinoa mix. It makes for good left over lunch the next day.  

Wednesday: We decided on a random fun date night. Hubby and I went to sushi and some shopping at my favorite store. Lorna Jane

I also got my shoes that hubby got me thanks to my bet with him. I made it 10 days to the gym and as a little extra he got me this tank too! #niceguy

Thursday: I spent the morning in a courthouse.. I rather swim with sharks or go sky diving to ever do that again. Afterwhen in doubt, go get some running therapy. 

Pre Run Face

I manged to time my mile to see where I am at. I wrote down my 6 month goal was to run a mile under 10 minutes. I think I can shave a minute off my time by than

and because my BFF Lizzy Bear is such an inspiration to me I had to text her to let her know about my mile. She wrote me back the sweetest thing ever. I was all smiles  

Friday all about work, running and being sore from pure barr class!

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How was your week?

"Always remember don't let anyone tell you that you can't achieve your dreams. Just keep your dreams bigger than your fear and you will succeed."

Venus Trapped in Mars


  1. What a sweet hubs, I love that tank! Also great job on the mile time, you can def get that down a minute in 6 months girl

  2. whoop whoop! so proud of you! keep kicking butt!

  3. You are so obsessed with Lorna Jane, LMAO! I love it. At least since you had to be in the court house, you looked absolutely amazing. Seriously, love that pick of you and LOVE the new Nike kicks. So proud to see you back in force 100%. Make it a killer week baby doll! LOVE YOU!