Ground Turkey and Kale Skillet

I made this yummy dish the other day. I got the recipe from Budget Bytes. It was so good, Hubby ate the left overs as his lunch and didn't save me any. I guess it will be in our future to make again. Don't judge it under you try it. 


1. Package of Ground Turkey - This one is from Costco and is about 2.5 lbs
2. Can of Garbanzo Beans
3. 1 to 1 1/2 cups Spaghetti Sauce - I used Prego
4. Shredded Cheese - Whatever flavor you enjoy the most
5. Kale - This bag is from Trader Joe's 


1. Place ground turkey in a skillet and cook until no longer pink. 

2. Cut Kale in small bite size pieces to your liking 

3. Once the ground turkey is cooked with no pink add in the kale to the mixture. Stir and wait for the kale to fully wilt. 

4. Once the kale has reached the wilting point, drain the garbanzo beans and add to the mixture.

5. Mix together. After, add the spaghetti sauce. I added about 1 1/2 - 2 cups. I just used the rest of the bottle and didn't really measure it out. 

6. Stir and wait for the sauce to heat all the way through. Once it is heated, add cheese to the top of the skillet to cover the mixture. 

7. Cover and wait until cheese is melted and golden brown. Once it is brown, enjoy! Be careful it is extremely hot.


The originally recipe can be found here


  1. This looks amazing!! Definitely making this for dinner one night this week!

  2. Will have to try this!!! Question...what are garbanzo beans??

  3. Looks really good! I'd use ground chicken since I'm not a turke person!