Better Late than Never

I know it is Tuesday but man was Monday a LONGGG day for me. I am starting to really hate Monday's & it won't get any better until after December 9 so if you are wondering I am counting down. 

My weekend though was wonderful. 

Rascal Flatts Concert 

After the concert, we were staying down on the bay for the boat races. 

Sunday was just a repeat of Saturday.. Sitting on the beach with a drink in hand & watching the day go by. It was wonderful 

Now I am trying to survive this week. 

Happy Tuesday 


  1. HAHA! I came across your blog from the blog hop and just had to say that ecard is great and totally true! Is it happy hour yet?? :)

  2. good times! love your shirt!hopefully your boys weren't too much of a drunken mess after you left! is your next concert jason?