So What!

So What If...

-I am excited about spending this Friday night at home cleaning & watching dateline or something else on tv 

-We have NOTHING planned this weekend besides a friend's birthday party & soccer

-Eli has been in school for almost an entire month & it still breaks my heart a little that he doesn't want me to walk him to class

-I don't put real clothes on. I could live in yoga pants & over size t-shirt 

-I am truly over working at the preschool & home + school 

-I day dream about how clean my house would be if I didn't work 

-I honestly had no idea what to blog about since my life consist of work work work school & trying to get some sleep 

-I quit working out 100% & now I miss it 

-I am so ready for fall & the weather Come on highs of 70 & low of 30's 

-I have already had my share of pumpkin flavored everything & want more of it 

-I am joining in on SWW & Hump Day Blog hop now a days since I changed my URL & blog name 

The Hump Day Blog Hop

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