Reach For The Stars

Reach for the stars

 Recap of August Goals

*Close on the house - we did it! We closed & are officially home owners. 

*Lose 5-10 lbs - Did not do this! I epically failed since I have this cough & nose problems. 

*keep up with my workout(s) including Chalean Extreme & Focus T25 - FAIL! 

*finish work strong again- Did this but lately I have been so overwhelmed working two jobs both full time with school. 

*find balance between E-man in Kindergarten, work, blog, workout & hubby's work - No true balance but I am surviving so that has to count for something?

*make time for friends - I did have a few dates with friends. 

*Clean the great room - Didn't even move a piece of paper 

*get ready for cruise (58 days away) - I got ready than hubby told me he might not be able to get the time off. Prayers needed or I will seriously go crazy!! Just for once in my life I want a vacation with my husband before he deploys again! 

*pay off credit card(s)  - DONE! I paid it off & now just watching it & how much I spend. 


September is upon us & it's time to make some goals for this month

*get my husband leave approve 

*plan out my lesson plans for school

*try to find balance between school, work at preschool & work at home 

*find motivation

*clean out E-man's closet 

*enjoy September 

What are your goals for September?

Have you wrote them down? It has been proven, those of us who write down goals tend to achieve them more than those who do not! 


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  1. I need to come up with a goal list for this month and actually do it. Let's motivate each other!!!