I Actually Did Something This Weekend

This weekend was pretty normal.
Friday we stayed home & hit the bed before 10pm. {Call me a Grandma} 
Saturday we had soccer and went to my aunts for the boat race stuff for this weekend and my good friend came over to help fix the generator for our trailer.

Now Sunday for once I did something fun. Kailyn & I had a Sunday Funday doing a photography class down in Balboa Park. 

The first two hours our teachers wouldn't shut up. We just wanted to take pictures & use our cameras. Kay & I both were texting & tweeting about how painful it was to sit through it in the heat. Not to forget, we didn't bring water so after the two hours talk about Cotton Mouth.. We were dying for something to drink. 

Anyways here's some of the pictures I took 

Kay taking pictures 

and what kinda photography class would it be if I didn't get a picture of the teacher? 

Now on my list of things to buy..
New Cannon Rebel T5I 
I want it so bad now that I know how to plan around on it. 

anywho its Monday which means I student teach & have class tonight. Therefore I am going to miss my hometown team play again the Texans. 




  1. Looks like a lot of fun. Did you have to pay for that class?

  2. YAY! SO much fun! I definitely wanna do that night class!!!