Friday Letters


Dear Friday,
Thank you for showing up. Please slow down though. This week flew by and I am not ready to start another week. Let's enjoy the weekend first. 

Dear Work,
I seem to be doing ALOT of you lately. Please slow down so I can enjoy life. You truly are stressing me out. 

Dear husband,
The e-card is true. I wish I could fall asleep like you and sleep as hard as you do! Meanwhile, I am over here dying and wishing I could. Also, I would really LOVE that teal camelbak just saying!! 

Dear sickness,
Please go away. You have been around long enough and its time for you to go find another home.

Dear weightloss,
We MUST meet again as soon as my weather decides to cool down. I need to get my body back!!  I am sorry but I am not mama laughlin who enjoys running in 100+ degrees. 

Dear Readers,
Let's hang out for a month & swap! Also, thank you for staying by me as I changed my URL as there is ONE person in this world I truly do not want reading my stuff. Sadly she just has made my life miserable and there is no need to satisfy her. 

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend.
Enjoy it 

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