Weekend Adventures

It's officially my favorite season of the year..
Fall is here

Now that is out of my system and I can breathe again
My weekends are flying by and I am NOT okay with this.. 

I dread Mondays, there is not enough coffee to help me. Student teaching at a preschool I don't like {12 weeks to go} & than class 6pm - 10 pm. 

Besides Monday fails, my weekend was a blast though, it was nice to just stick around the house.

**Still in need of prayers for hubby to get his time off from work for our anniversary cruise that we leave for in 10 days**

Snap shots of my weekend...

my fur nephew doesn't like beds apparently 

We ran errands to get some stuff for the birthday party we were going to Saturday. We also HAD to get Alex his video game. GTA V, any other husbands out there glued to the tv?  I also had my first HOT PSL

I found this adorable shirt for my mama which I am mailing to her & telling her its from Eli. 

Wife day presents. How can you NOT love that Duck Dynasty shirt? plus I hear 42 is a really good movie & I couldn't resist not buying The Longest Ride 

I spent the morning cleaning
We had soccer 
Than off to Birthday party for Eli with friends - it was duck dynasty themed so of course I wore the shirt 

It was so much fun & we cant wait to hang out with them again. Praying the friends move to our back yard literally. They are in the hunt for a house & just so happens the house that lines up with our backyard is for sale, praying they can buy it! Eli would LOVE to have friends that close to home 

We hung out at their house with a fire & beer until later in the night. Those red apple ales are so yummy! 


Today was wife appreciation day.  

We started off with massages & Starbucks  Ran to Costco where I got my year pair of their uggs. Seriously the best things ever & the best $40 spent. Napped for a little bit. Did some homework & remembered it was the season finale/last show ever of Dexter. 

We are catching up on it before watching it. 

How was your weekend?

I need some coffee today. 


  1. My weekend was fun and very long. Lol I'm also happy that fall is finally here. It's been chilly and the leaves are slowly starting to change....
    looks like you had a fun weekend :)

  2. Hi!! Just found your blog-newest follower here!! Hope you'll stop by mine and follow along too! I love the name of your blog :) clever!!

  3. Um, please explain what wife appreciation day is?!? Like does this happen weekly? Hahaha! I feel a weekly wife appreciation day coming to my house very soon! :)