Friday Letters

Dear This Week,
Please end now. I am so ready for Sunday. A day to sleep in & stay home. A day to forget about how stressful this week has been

Dear Cruise,
One week from this very moment (6:50am) I will be adding my last minute items to my luggage & loading them into the truck to head off to the airport. 

Dear School,
I am so stressed over this midterm and I have no idea why. i have been around kids now for almost a year and I can do this. 

Dear Work,
Please do yourself today so I can do other things. 

Dear to do list,
Just like work, please do yourself so I can do other things today. 

Dear Alex,
I woke up at 4am with you to make you coffee and I love you. 

Dear Readers,
Thank you for the sweet comments and being so nice about everything. I know I have slacked off lately on my post due to my stress and my time being so crazy. I promise, come Dec. 9th when school is over for GOOD I will be better at this. 

Hope you all have a great weekend! 

1 comment

  1. Do not worry about school, to do lists or anything right now honey, it's almost vacation !!! you just need to take it easy this upcoming week to prepare you, hehe. Is your husband going to be for sure off of work? I sure hope so.